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Customer service

All of our scale models are manufactured and treated with the utmost care. Despite this, it is possible that a model is damaged when it reaches you. We want to rectify such situations, provided that the damage is the result of a manufacturing error.

When a WSI scale model is damaged, the point of sale will always serve as the primary point of contact for the customer. In most cases, this is a WSI Models dealer. If the dealer ordered the model directly from WSI Models, s/he can contact WSI. If the scale model was ordered from a distributor, the distributor is responsible for returning the model to WSI Models. You should only contact WSI Models if you purchased the scale model directly from WSI Models.

Download here the serviceform, this must be completed before the form can be sent back to WSI Models.


This is a ticket system that will contribute to a clear and better way of working regarding all service issues you as a dealer have to deal with or will have to deal with.

If you or your customers have a question or request for our service department, you, as a WSI dealer, can let us know by sending an email to service@wsi-models.com. This remains unchanged. We can take action most quickly if this e-mail includes as much relevant information as possible. Think of the article number, a clear description of the problem, pictures and for example the date of purchase. Please note that we ask you to send an e-mail and start a ticket for each article. If you have questions about two models, start two tickets.

As soon as you have sent the mail to us you will receive a response with a ticket number. This ticket number is from now on leading in handling the ticket and should always be mentioned in the subject of the mails. This way we can bundle the information and collect it as soon as possible.

If a model has to be returned to us for whatever reason, we always ask you to state the corresponding ticket number on the shipment.

If you have any questions you can always contact us via the above mentioned email address or via our phone number: 033-2867905. We hope that you will like this innovation!