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The Number 1 in Scale Models and Toys

✔️  We’ve been passionately designing, developing, and producing unique products, with the customer at the heart of everything we do, for over 25 years.
✔️  The result is an ideal gift and unique marketing tool for your customers and employees.


Who are we?

WSI Models – Tema Toys – Polesie Toys – Wood Models is a manufacturer of high-quality scale models and toys. As one of the exceptions in the sector, we produce and develop our own moulds. In contrast to the majority of manufacturers, WSI Group has its own factory, so we manage the entire production process ourselves. As a result, we are able to meet our customers’ needs optimally.

We develop and produce a wide selection of high-quality licensed products, ranging from scale models to toys, for over 100 Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and 2,500 renowned companies in the transport, food & non-food, and retail sectors.

The high quality and unique details of our products make them very popular in the worlds of business and industry, as well as on the collectors’ market. They are an ideal gift for business contacts and a unique marketing tool for customers and employees.


✔️  1:50 scale models
✔️  High-quality metal scale models
✔️  100 models or more in your own house style
✔️  UGT and pad printing (no stickers)
✔️  Ideal gift for business contacts & a unique marketing tool


✔️  1:43 & 1:87 scale models
✔️  High-quality metal scale model gifts
✔️  500 models or more in your own house style
✔️  UGT and pad printing (no stickers)
✔️  Retail & merchandising concepts


✔️  Toys for children and companies
✔️  500 models or more in your own house style
✔️  The latest trend for promoting your company
✔️  Durable: High quality with a long lifetime
✔️  Sustainable: Toys with less or no packing


✔️  1:25 scale models
✔️  Handmade wooden models
✔️  FSC-certified wood
✔️  5 models or more in your own house style
✔️  An exclusive gift for your business contact


WSI Group is a leader in the field of new developments, where we have won several awards. We also hold various patents. Vacuum coating is one of these pioneering patents. Vacuum coating requires considerably less paint and does not release CO2 into the atmosphere, guaranteeing the healthiest possible working environment. It also produces significantly better quality, as the vacuum process ensures an even thickness of paint over the whole product.

Sustainability, certification, training for employees, and good working conditions are important factors within the WSI Group organization.

✔️  Over 3,000 different products.
✔️  Over 100 licences worldwide.
✔️  Development and production in-house.

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