When dedication and skills work together, expect a masterpiece.
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Transform the fleet you’re so proud of into perfect scale models

Although online and data dominate today’s world, WSI is still passionate about the human side of earthmoving and long-distance haulage. Your passion for your work and company runs deep. And there are countless fans across the world who love all your equipment.

That’s why this business gift in the form of customized scale models of your fleet is a really strong marketing tool. It’s your personal story and brings you closer to your fans and business relations. So transform that fleet you’re so proud of into a detailed business gift or collector’s item.

  • Scale 1:50 
  • High quality metal scale models
  • Each one is perfect, down to the very last detail
  • Minimum order of 100 models or more in your own corporate styleUGT (Ultra Graphic Transfer) and pad printing


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When dedication and skill work together, expect a masterpiece

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We fulfil people’s dreams. True experts who live and breathe their passion for transport, cranes, and earthmoving. Making that tangible is why we do it. Tell us your story.

Customer review

"‘More amazing than we thought!’ "

Michiel Bloemert

Redder Transport

Customer review

"‘Another stunning model. As the first WSI customer this quality is something we’ve come to expect!’"


Van Deuveren Transport