WSI is originally a Dutch company which emerged from Tematoys,  established in 1994. The scale models of Tematoys were appreciated  by the transport companies which used them as promotional gifts for their clients and employees. Collecting Tematoys scale models became a new trend in The Netherlands and far beyond.

In 2006, Tematoys merged into WSI and this was also the beginning of production in China. Customers wanted more and more realistic models and China gave the opportunity to ensure this.

In 2014, WSI has entered into a merger with Wan-Ho. This merger came about after a collaboration of eight years and a joint venture in one of the production plants. Synergy is the starting point of this merger where Wan-Ho is responsible for the production and WSI for the development, sales and marketing.

WAN HO was founded in 1982 and has over 30 years of experience in developing and producing scale models of vehicles from manufacturers all over the world.

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