The development is done entirely in-house with the site  in The Netherlands having the final responsibility. Our team consists of enthusiastic and skilled product developers who  all have an engineering background.

The development takes place in three distinct phases:

1. On the basis of original 3D AutoCAD drawings and images from the manufacturer a hand model is built. After approval of the hand model by the client, the molds are built.

2. When the molds are ready the first trial castings are made. Parallel to this process WSI also focuses on the unique detailing,  the standardization and the assembly process.

3. If all the conditions and requirements of the detailing, standardization and assembly are met, the next step is the right packaging and the drawing process for creating electronic working drawings. After this, a model can be taken into production.

If desired, it is also possible that models are developed under strict secrecy. WSI can work in confined spaces where models are developed which have not yet been introduced onto the market by manufacturers.

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